I loved your class today. I especially enjoyed the way your musicianship and dance background shaped your interactions with everyone. Edwin has fallen in love with you and is particularly excited by all the musical instruments you play.

Sue, grandmother of Edwin and Clara

Emma Barson



Emma Barson is the director and founder of Music Alley. She brings a wealth of experience and education to her teaching and holds a Bachelor of Music (Piano), a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Education. She has worked as a primary and secondary music teacher, and accompanist.

She has performed as a tango dancer, and pianist/accordionist with the bands Bintango and Quartito Azul. Emma studied Indian classical dancing in Australia and India, and is highly regarded as a children’s choir director. She plays a variety of other instruments including the lever harp and ukulele, and has sung with the Graduate Singers. She is currently studying Flamenco dancing and singing.

In 2016 she travelled to Boston, to complete a Certificate in Music Learning Theory from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning.

Emma and her talented husband, Paul Cleaver, arrange and record all the songs that accompany our Music Play classes.