Music Alley is unique because, while its foundations are based in musical theory, the classes themselves are so welcoming, creative, gentle, and playful.

It is also brilliant as it somehow stays relevant and interesting for children spanning a wide age range. My 8 month old loves Emma's classes as much as my 3 year old!

Amy, Edwin and Clara

I want to work 4 days every week so I can always come to music class!


We love Music Alley classes. Emma is so engaging with the children and delivers such high quality music education. The class format presents a lovely range of music styles, rhythms and instruments which are fun for the kids and adults!

Natalie, Oscar and Matilda

As musicians ourselves we love that Music Alley uses sophisticated arrangements and songs from around the world. We also enjoy the the smaller class size which brings a sense of community and intimacy.

Emma and Steve, Elanor and Liam

I love watching the joy that music brings my son, and taking the time out to be immersed and present in that moment.

Nicole and Angus

My son loves his music class as he gets an enormous amount of musical stimulation, which otherwise he wouldn't have the opportunity to be exposed to. It is a great way for the kids to learn and have fun at the same time. And the parents get to share the joy as well! THANK YOU SO MUCH EMMA FOR MAKING MUSIC FUN!

Liling and Nathaniel

A surprise for me has been how taking part with my children has reconnected me with my own music and encouraged me to start learning again.


Thank you for a wonderfully enriching and enjoyable term of music.  

And thank you for your continued patience, empathy and genuine interest in making the sessions special for everyone.  I feel very privileged to attend each week.

Mel and Amber

A fun time for kids and an enlightening one for parents no matter your own musical knowledge or skill level. The variety and diversity of the music programme keeps it interesting for everyone.

Vania, Isaiah and Lucille

A place where you can join other families and create music together in a fun and friendly environment. Our teacher, Emma, is caring and encouraging, and she dedicates herself to making the classes relaxed, enjoyable and a positive experience for everyone.

Danielle, Robert and Celeste